World Students' Day, A Salute to the Learner in all of us!

Are we students or learners? What is the difference between the two? Let us discover today on the day of students ..who is a student and what puts us all on a journey from a student to a learner? Do we really need teachers to teach us or are we capable to learn on our own? How do we carve a learner out of a student in us? The World Students' Day is observed every year on 15th October since 2010 as declared by UN on Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India. The big question is whether Dr. Kalam was a student or a learner or both? As talked in the live video about my article on obedience and compliance, I am sharing the link of the article.…​ Enjoy being a happy learner! God bless us all!

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